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Fortnightly Sessions

My friend CBT attended fortnightly sessions with Bespoke Therapy. The sessions lasted for an hour each and were very thorough and professional. The first few sessions were spent finding out if the particular treatment is suitable and one which he would feel comfortable with. They discussed things like what he wanted to deal with in the short, medium and long term. He said he felt very comfortable with the therapist here.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th July 2019 : 11.08 am

Safe to Use

You will get 100% guaranteed results when you try URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker by Chem Assist it is a quick fix solution to keep drains from blocking! My neighbour works for a large department store and they use this product to keep the busy drain clear. She said it is easy and safe to use, odourless and has a shelf life of 2 years! Because of its clever design, it cannot be overused so it will not damage ceramic, stainless steel or plastic pipe-work which is vital.

This blog was posted Monday 3rd June 2019 : 11.29 am

Carpet Gardens

My friend was visiting Eastbourne and wanted to stay near the Carpet Gardens. Eastbourne had a lot to offer for people wanting to stay. Tudor House was approached and my friend was very impressed with the look of the place. Tudor House was a very friendly and approachable guest house and there was plenty to do in the surrounding area.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 11.48 am

Classic Victorian Look

My friend was looking to find a guest home where she could stay. She liked Eastbourne and wanted to find a nice guest home that overlooked the seafront. She looked into it and found Eastbourne to be the best place to visit. Arden Hotel was visited and found to be very nice! Arden guest house was very pleasant!

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.57 am

Coastal setting

My friend was searching around for residential care homes in Berkshire. The staff kindly showed her around. Normanhurst was her number one choice; she has been there for the past year and is comfortable and looked after. She especially loves the amenities such as the hairdressing salon which she enjoys visiting. The food is freshly prepared each day by their trained chefs and is tasty and nutritious. The quality of care stood out for her and she is so glad she made the move down as the care home is situated right on the coast and is beautiful!

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.48 am

Shower Cubicle

My friend was looking for a tiling company that could help organise and plan a symmetrical tiling design for the bathroom shower. Naked Tiler were called in to help make this happen. Naked Tiler were very skilled and helpful in implementing this. A very intricate design was planned and designed and Naked Tiler really helped to make this happen well!

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.24 am

Dog sitting and walks for Springer Spaniels

My neighbour was so happy when she found a company who could look after her two springer spaniels. These dogs are particularly lively and need big walks. So when K9 Adventures agreed to take them off her hands while she attended a 2-day business conference, she was delighted. The dog sitter was friendly and they offered either group dog walks or one to one. Being energetic dogs who were used to going out as a pair, my neighbour thought it was best to keep the dog walking down to just the two of them as she didn`t feel as though a group dog walk as well as her absence would be the best thing for the dogs. The company were understanding and were fantastic with the pair of them.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.10 am

Wooden Garages

My neighbour was looking for a cost effective option to put together a wooden garage for her car. A friend recommended to her Shop for Garden to help her make an informed choice. Shop for Garden were able to provide a good selection and there were plenty to choose from in a large range.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.03 am

Book keeping

My friend was looking for someone to help her with the bookkeeping of her small business. She spoke to Dominic Hill who were very helpful and professional in helping her deal with and organise her accounts.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 09.26 am

Eco Eye Plug and Monitor

One of my friends owns a holiday cottage in the South of France and was looking for an adaptable plug in socket to measure the use of electricity power that was being consumed. They were very good and had euro sockets available. She was also very impressed with the effectiveness of the Eco Eye Energy Monitors which helped with the general use of monitoring energy consumption. My friend really recommended Eco Eye Energy monitors as she said they were wonderful at accurately monitoring consumption.

This blog was posted Tuesday 16th April 2019 : 10.54 am